At Computer Aided Services, we have been providing high quality CAD Drafting, CAD Conversion, Architectural Visualization, and 3D/Solid Modeling services globally since 1995.

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Operating from our offices in India, we provide competitively priced services to customers around the world. Wherever you may be located (US, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, ... ) you will find our quality to be excellent and the cost of our services as very economical.

The Low-Priced, High-Quality, Timely, Confidential and Hassle-Free services offered by us have rewarded us with the continued patronage and growth of our CAD Conversion, architectural visualization, 3d modeling and cad drafting customer's.

Our team consists of qualified and experienced engineers, 3D animators and illustrators with a strong sense of Quality, Commitment and Professional Ethics.

With a presence in India we are able to deliver high-quality CAD conversion services and realistic architectural visualization at prices far lower than those in US, UK, Australia and & European markets.

If you are keen on exploring the possibilities of using our services for your CAD Drafting and Architectural Visualization needs, kindly email your project details to us at sales@casindia.com

With a large in-house capacity we are able to confidently serve on projects of all sizes. So whether your project is just a single drawing/render/model to hundreds and thousands of drawings/renders/models, we are able to deliver it!.

The Spectrum of CAD Services we offer ...
* CAD Conversion Services (Accurate conversion of paper/scan/film based drawings to CAD. No auto-vectorizing tools used.)
* CAD Drafting Services (new drawings generation / mark-ups and editing.)
* Raster to Vector Conversion Services
* 3D Modeling Services / Solid Modeling Services
* Architectural Visualization Services
* Architectural Rendering Services
* Architectural Animation Services
* Customized CAD Services
* Offshore CAD Drafting Services * CAD Outsourcing Services

Offering our services since 1995 we assure ...
* High quality services.
* Prompt and Proper communication.
* Hassle-free services.
* Total confidentiality.
* Timely deliveries.
* Most Competitive pricing.
* 24/7/365 Live Support (on Phone / Email)

CAD Conversion Services

With our CAD Conversion Services we offer you a powerful choice to convert all our scanned / sketched drawings to Perfect CAD Drawings. We never use any automatic conversion tools. All paper/scan/pdf to cad conversions are manually re-drafted by us and thus provide a strong choice of converting your drawings / sketches accurately and to-scale. Since all the conversions are manually drafted our service also offers you choices/options to upgrade/update these drawings to your latest standards/block libraries. Email us a sample drawing/indicative drawings and get a Cad Conversion quote & sample immediately.

Architectural Rendering Services

The Architectural Rendering services provided by us allows converting your hand drawing sketches and 2D drawings to popular high quality and realistic Architectural Visualization. The Architectural Visualization provided by us are created directly form the set of instructions you send us. Our prices for Architectural Visualizations are one of the most competitive pricing you will find anywhere on the globe. Write to us about your requirements and get a FREE quote immediately.

3D Modeling Services

We deliver3D Modeling services for all types of engineering, architectural and conceptual product design requirements. Ranging from delivering accurate solid modeling to low poly 3d models for gaming requirements, our 3d modeling services are one of the best globally.

CAD Outsourcing Services

Our CAD Outsourcing Services provide a choice to companies of all sizes to lower their operational costs while maintaining their quality and productivity. With experienced CAD Engineers handling all the requirements, the drawings drafted are accurate and error-free. Along with a strong drafting team we also have well trained QC/QA supervisors monitoring all jobs at each stage. Our aim is to provide a high quality service platform for all our customers.

All your designs are safe with us as all precautions are taken to ensure proper handling and storage. Confidentiality has been a strong principle followed us our offices at all times since our inception.

We are a committed organization and are here to provide Quality Service's at highly Competitive Prices.

Feel free to Email us your requirements. We reply to all queries within a few hours receipt.

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