Architectural Animation Services

Our Architectural Animation Services are backed by years of experience and highly skilled engineers, 3D modelers and animation arists.

The Architectural Animations provided by us are either:

    • Architectural Walkthrough : In these the camera / virtual person walks in and/or around the project virtually. The pace of travel is usually set to slow driving speed, fast running speed, slow jogging speed, brisk walking speed, and slow walking speed.
    • Architectural Fly By : Virtual Fly-by is created with simulation of a birds eye view / airplane view. This is usually created for outdoor / exterior projects.

Depending on project requirements a combination of both the above options are also used to present the complete project and its highlights.

Custom created on the basis of your project designs

A General list of Inputs required for Architectural Animation are:

    • Design plans, sections and elevations.
    • Furniture, Plantation, accessories requirements.
    • Description of the Flight / Walkthrough path your imagination leads you through the project (we let others see your dreams – actually!)
    • Any USP’s of the project you wish to highlight during this animation.
    • Media on which this Architectural Animation will be used (HDTV, internet, mobile, DVD, etc.)


How this works?

Typical work flow for our Architectural Animation services is as below:

    • Customer emails about the project requirements along with necessary documents (floorplans, furniture details, plantation details, etc.)
    • Our quote is submitted to the customer for approval.
    • Upon approval of pricing and terms the work for Architectural Animation is commenced.
    • Beta Architectural Animations are sent to customer for approval / checking
    • If there are any improvements suggested then the same are carried out and another Beta version submitted to customer.
    • Above operation is completed till 100% satisfaction is achieved (usually 2 – 3 rounds are required.)
    • Final High resolution Architectural Animation movies are delivered after the Beta Animation movie is approved.
    • An Invoice for the job is submitted
    • Payment received by Paypal, Bank to Bank Transfer, etc.

We assure you of a total service and continue working on a project till 100% satisfaction is achieved.

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