CAD Vectorization Services

Our vectorization and cad conversion service is geared to convert your raster based engineering drawings to accurate CAD or Vector formats.

By the Vectorize service we manually re-draw the raster/scanned drawings in CAD. If you are looking for vectorization of your scanned/paper/vellum/microfilmed drawings to perfect CAD format then this is the right service for you. We do not handle vectorizing services for logo/artwork/graphical jobs unless they are a part of the engineering drawing being vectorized.

We also do not use any automatic vectorization software tools. All drawings we vectorize are manually re-drafted in CAD.

Since we are redrawing the raster based data it makes it easy for us to incorporate special needs like following your in-house CAD standards for layers, text styles, colors, blocks/symbols library usage, dimension styles, etc. If you do have such a standard you wish us to follow, kindly mention its details when sending drawings for a bid/quote.

Our prices for Vectorization to CAD are among the lowest world over and all quotes are provided only on a fixed cost basis, we do not request increases in charges midway along the project. At the same time we must make a mention that the quality of our services is one of the best globally.

Since we follow a strict quality regime. All the vectored drawings delivered by us are accurate and contain no errors. However, if any errors are found in our deliveries we correct them for our customers at no extra cost.

We assure you that the quality of our Vectorize service is amongst the BEST in the world. If you wish to check our quality before proceeding with the main order, we invite you to a free (partial) cad vectorize sample.  Email us a scan of your drawing and we will provide a FREE (partial) CAD Vectorize sample from it.